Friday, July 15, 2011

The Writer's Group

This morning I went to the writer's group. It meets every other Friday at La Nueva Posada at ten a.m.  It is in a beautiful room. After their two hour meeting, many of them stay for lunch. When the sun is out, they eat in the patio area.

I am always promising myself that I will go to it. Then the time comes and goes and I have either forgotten about it or decided not to go. I rarely write about all the interesting groups in this area. A person could go to two or three meetings a day here, every day of the week. Unfortunately, I spent seven years running groups in the States. I pretty much burned on groups, even if they are about topics of interest to me.

Today I went to the writer's group and sat in the back. Before they even got to the first reader, I went out the door. I no longer have the patience to sit in a group. Kind of sad but that is my reality at the moment.

Maybe one day I will be able to sit and listen again but not now. But this is an interesting place for people with all kinds of interests. Sorry I can't share this part of the lakeside area with you.

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