Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day Spent at Home

I was sick again this morning so I spent the day just sitting around in my yard with Chico. I finished reading a book titled Kaffier Boy, The True Story of A Black Youth's coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa, by Mark Mathabane. If that wasn't depressing enough, in the evening I made the mistake of watching the DVD Midnight Express. What a dark movie. Had to take a little walk to the lake to try to get all those the awful images out of my head.  It is shocking how many ways people can think of to be cruel to each other.  I may have some nightmares tonight.

Not a good idea if you are sick and feeling depressed to read a book about growing up in a Black Ghetto in South Africa during Apartheid and then finish it off with a movie about being in a prison in Turkey for years and years.   WHAT WAS I THINKING???  (By the way, that black spot in the photo is a bird flying around. I saw some birds this evening but not many.)


  1. Ha, I do stuff like that all the time, then wonder why I watched/read so much depressing stuff. The worst for me is that I get sucked in to watching marathons of the show I Survived . . . Really depressing.

  2. Hi Greengagirl, I am glad I am not the only one who makes bad decisions. Thanks for writing. Patricia

  3. Hi Matt, Thank you. And thank you for writing. Patricia

  4. gurl, you need to get well and then you and i can take a little road trip! there are so many cool places to see on a daytrip from ajijic. i'm thinking jamay for the first one!

    let me hear from you!


  5. Hi Barb, Thank you for writing and the invitation for a little trip. As soon as I get whatever it is out out my system, let's do that. Patricia