Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hamming it up for the Camera

I took a photo of these sweet little girls last Wednesday on market day. It was on my blog last week.  They have been sitting at Anita's Animal Shelter booth, trying to give away puppies and kittens. The little girl on the right told me, Free Kitten and if you take it you can also get a free book. Anita sells books there for a dollar each. I said, There is no such thing as a free kitten or puppy. Yes, these are free, she said. I had to remind her that the animals have to be fed and taken to the vet sometimes. These girls wanted me to keep taking photos of them. I did, gladly. What wonderful subjects.   So much love. How could anyone resist their offers of free puppies and kitties? But I did. The next photo I took later on at the same booth.  Again, so much love is expressed for the puppy. I hope she took it home.