Sunday, July 3, 2011

Part Four. Meeting Pedro Again

The Old Posada
My friend, Pedro
It had been a long time since I had seen Pedro.  I asked him where Vino Blanco, his white Donkey, was and he said he wasn't sure. Pedro is one of my favorite people here. He has been living in this area for a long time. He always dresses in flamboyant clothes.

Today I asked him why he was wearing a pair of glasses with one side blocked out (painted gold over the lens) and the other side with no glass in it. He said, "I am not an unreasonable man. He put his finger through the glassless side and scratched his eye.  "I have to have the left side blocked out because I get migraines from even a little bit of sun and I have no glass in the right side so I can easily reach up and scratch my eye."

I said, "You are not an unreasonable man."

All I had to do was just ask and I got a reasonable answer for a very strange pair of eye glasses. I love Pedro's zest for life and sense of his own style.

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