Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Favorite Photos

I spent half the morning going through my photos just from this past year, looking for my favorites. I came up with about 150. I am not very good at weeding them out. There are so many that I am fond of and that bring back good memories. I have several more years of photos to go through. But I may just give this project up for now. It is overwhelming. I noticed that the further back I go, the fewer photos I like. Maybe that means that my photos are gradually getting better. Or it could mean that the longer time between when I took the photos and now, the less attached I am to them.

I had this idea of printing some of them out, maybe having a little photography show. Maybe I can do it sometime in the future when I am able to be more objective about them and can weed more of them out.

I have my favorite subjects: sunsets, the lake, dogs, food, a few buildings, flowers, LCS grounds, musicians, the outdoor market, babies, children, beautiful young women, handsome young men, old people, families.... Okay, I love to photograph PEOPLE, living their lives.  

I had this idea that maybe there would be a lot of people in town in October because of the Games in Guadalajara. I thought about selling photos in the market or on the street but I have never been good at marketing. I always spend a lot of money creating things to sell and then I can't sell them. It takes an entirely different kind of personality to do marketing. It is not me.   I guess I will put this project on the back burner along with my idea of writing another book.  Oh well, I am having fun and that is really all that counts in the long run.

I put on my favorite photo from yesterday's market..... Puppies in a cardboard box.....


  1. Oh how adorable!!! You should try selling some of your photographs Patricia. One idea would be to put them on blank cards so people can use them as note cards. I made photocards from my favourite photos and gave them as gifts one Christmas and people loved them - or at least that's what they told me. :)

  2. Hi Laurie, Thank you and thank you for writing. I have thought about doing that, making note cards. I just don't have much confidence in that direction. But I am so glad you like my photos. Making money isn't everything. Sharing them is more important and I can do that here on the blog. Patricia