Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Can Am Celebration at LCS and Meeting Mona Lisa

Yesterday I went to the Canada American celebration at the Lake Chapala Society. Since Canada Day was the First and the Fourth of July is the Fourth, of course, they had one celebration for everyone, Canadians and Americans.  Everyone was invited, no matter what their nationality.    It was fun. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so great. It was overcast and drizzling. But lots of people showed up. There were many booths. The booths were run by various nonprofit organizations for raising awareness and money. There was food, drink and music.

I ran into Mona. I recognized her from the photo I took the other day of her standing in front of the Bed and Breakfast. Of the hundreds of photos I have taken, that is one of my top five favorites. I was glad to see her again. It was crowded and so we didn't talk long. She said she lives at that bed and breakfast. If I can find someone who can download that photo into a nice print, I am going to take it to her.

She said she has no good photos of herself. Hasn't had any for twenty years. She said her name is Mona but everyone here calls her Mona Lisa. She said she was at the celebration just to be around people because she was kind of lonely. She has been living here for 35 years and all her friends have either died or left. She is 85 years old. I want to visit with her again and listen to some of her stories about this area.  Meeting Mona Lisa was the highlight of my day.  Here are a few photos of the celebration. I didn't get a chance to take another one of Mona but I will when I see her again.
This cute dog is up for adoption. I fell in love with him.
Craft for sale. Devil in bed with a woman. Cute.
Children helping out at a booth
Dog up for adoption, so much like Chico


  1. i am glad that you met mona. it sounds like you 2 can become good friends. i'm sure she has many interesting stories to tell.

    that jack russell terrier looks so much like our jack. since we couldn't take him with us to japan, he is now living in maine, with his former owners. we are now down to 1 cat which we will take to our son in l.a. later this week.

    have a great week!


  2. HI Teresa, Thank you for writing again. Also, thanks for telling me that the photo is of a Jack Russell. I am guessing that Chico is also part Jack Russell. He is an incredible jumper and is full of energy. Hope you too have a great week. Patricia

  3. I can't wait to hear the stories from MonaLisa. If she has been there 35 years she must have been a real "maverick" or forward thinker back in the day! Your meeting her should be good for both of you, and sounds interesting!
    Linda in Indy

  4. Hi Linda, Thank you for writing. Yes, I am also looking forward to seeing Mona again. I have a very busy week but maybe I can get to see her next week. Thanks, P