Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Sheets and Chico

Chico's tail at the bottom of the photo
He looks so regal on the new bed with new golden sheets
Chico in the morning
Now he is on the pillows. He always finds the softest places to sleep
A friend went to the States a few weeks ago and I had asked her to please bring me back some sheets for my new bed. If you ever move down here, bring sheets because the ones they sell here aren't very good. They are expensive and get these little balls of fabric all over them. It feels like you are sleeping on sand after awhile. She brought them to me yesterday.

I was so pleased but also surprised at the expense. On sale they were forty five dollars.They were originally sixty five dollars.  She said I didn't have to buy them. She would keep them. But I am trying to sometimes treat myself with nice things so I bought them.

I don't remember ever sleeping on brand new sheets until last night. She choose the perfect color for my bed. I already mentioned my bed which is an antique bought by another friend at a flea market in Paris in the early 1970's. It is beautiful and the sheets go perfectly with the bed frame. Thank you Pat. The last two photos are of Chico, still in bed this morning. He likes to sleep in and I think he approves of the sheets. They are very soft, almost like silk. Thank you Ralph Lauren.   Maybe I could get used to this life of luxury.


  1. Good price on the sheets. I have three sets in Melaque. Two from up north and one from Mexico. The local set is by far my least favorite. But, because of our year-round pleasant weather, I never slip between the sheets. I just sleep on top. With that process, they should last forever.

  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for writing again. I guess it is a lot warmer by the beach than it is here. I would never sleep on top of the sheets here. Must be the altitude. It gets colder here. Patricia