Monday, May 26, 2014

San Juan Cosala Spa

Does this pool look dirty to you? There is a myth that you shouldn't go to the spa on Mondays because the pools are dirty after the week end.  There are two large swimming pools. This first one opens up at eleven thirty. The second one opens at nine. I took my camera this morning and took the photo of the first pool. It was around noon when I took it. I had the entire pool to myself for my hour long swim. I think I see one person in this photo. I love Monday mornings at the spa. Don't buy into the myths that you hear around town......


  1. Actually it could be good advice but not for that reason. I've often heard it's not good to go Monday because on Monday morning they might over-chlorinate after a heavy weekend. But that could be nonsense too if they shock-treat the water after they close on Sunday. Of course, the same could be said for any morning.


    1. Thanks for commenting JimS. Maybe I shouldn't encourage people to go there on Mondays. That way I can have the pool to myself.... p