Sunday, May 4, 2014

Morning Thoughts

I have been offline most of last week. I finally got it fixed but no telling how long that fix will last. But at least now I know how to fix it and can do it myself instead of paying a computer man to come out here. That gets expensive very quickly.

Our gate lock was also broken. For a few days I couldn't leave the yard. I couldn't get on the internet. I had no good books to read. I was stuck with just MYSELF and my own thoughts!  Now that was a challenge.

Last night was the first strong wind and rain storm. It was a good shake down for my place. I immediately realized that all my tarps lined up along two sides were useless. They just flapped in the wind, making it impossible to sleep.  I had to tie them back. But the inside of my room didn't leak at all.

I remembered when I first went to Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season. I was sitting in a nice restaurant by the water and the rain came. We had about a foot of water all over the restaurant floor. As soon as the rain had past, the waiters very casually swept it all out. So that is my plan. Casual acceptance of the rain and sweeping it down the drain afterwards. At least my frig is safe and my plug out there is safe....

ACCEPTANCE. That is a lesson I have to learn over and over from the Mexicans..... If your way is blocked, you climb over the fence. If barbed wire is put up, you walk around the extra blocks. If it rains in your house, you sweep it out.  It is a slow and steady way of living, always working with WHAT IS, and not considering how things SHOULD BE..... Reality is all that matters. Living in reality.....

There were many parties going on in my neighborhood last night. I even watched some beautiful fireworks from my balcony. I am guessing that it is all part of the Cinco De Mayo celebrations. There is one party still going strong. Maybe it will last for a couple of days. 

Life is good once again. I can go out my gate. I can get online. My place looks like it will survive the rainy season. I am getting my permanent residency card, hopefully, this coming Friday. My landlord will be back home to take care of Chico. Now there are no more excuses not to travel...... Maybe a two day little trip for starters. I just have to figure out where.... Any ideas? (Not Guadalajara. I don't like big cities.)


  1. Why not start with a trip around the lake -- staying at some of the small villages as you go along?

    1. HI Steve, Thanks for writing. It is an interesting idea. I will think about that. It would be the easiest answer. p

  2. Hi - A trip around the lake would be the easiest answer....and it would give you a lot of info for articles for - many of the readers would be interested in what the other towns are like.

    1. HI Pat, Very true. I took that trip once. I found it very exhausting.... But I will see. Thanks for writing. p