Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lunch at the Tango restaurant in Ajijic

Fifty five peso special, steak salad.
Fifty five peso special, Salmon salad.
I rarely can get any good photos in the Tango because it is so dark in there. This is all I got. I had lunch with my friends Loretta and Andrea. Andrea told us about  a young man trying to steal her purse a few days ago.

 There is an empty lot on one street not far from El Torito where they hang out and do drugs. Unfortunately, that is the way she walks home and she did not know this information. As she walked by the lot, a man ran out and tried to cut off her purse. But he didn't get it. She chased him away. This spot is well known by the neighbors.

I do not remember the name of the street but it is just one street down from the carretera and one block closer towards town than El Torito. It runs parallel to the carratera. Scary stuff. I am glad she wasn't hurt. He had a knife which he used to cut the strap of her purse. Maybe this is a warning for all empty lots where you can't see inside. Cross over the street and do not walk by them.


  1. Was the street Guadalupe Victoria?

    1. Sorry Pat, I don't remember. If I see Andrea again, I will ask her. p