Sunday, May 4, 2014

Harvesting from the local trees

During this time of the year the Mexicans take long sticks and harvest these beans from the trees. I was given one to eat. It is white inside. Tastes pretty good. The man said it is good for the stomach. I don't know the name of this bean. Does anyone out there know it?


  1. Hi Pat:
    Is the bean pod green when ready to harvest as I see red, but maybe that is just the covering on the bean.
    What colour are the flowers on that bean tree ? P>

    1. I didn't notice any flowers. Maybe they aren't on the tree any longer, just those beans... p

    2. Some of the outside of the bean is red...p

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sue, The pods are fuzzy white things and they sure don't taste like tamarind. Thank you for writing. Maybe someone in the market will know today. p

  3. They are pinzanes or sometimes called guamuchiles..