Friday, May 23, 2014

Morning Thoughts--- Home in Mexico again

I am back from my vacation in the States. It is wonderful to be here once again. I enjoyed getting away and visiting with my friend but there is no place like HOME. Even when home is just one room and a wet deck.

Chico and the kitty were glad to see me. The kitty let me know for about an hour how terrible it was for me to leave her. Then she slept on my head most of the night, like a huge furry hat. Chico slept under the covers as close to me as he could get. He was shaved while I was gone and once again he has razor burns all over his body. I feel sorry for him. He itches and he gets cold at night. Since he isn't my dog, I cannot stop this from happening. I have tried several times to no avail. The dog owner pays no attention to what I say. Good thing that hair grows back.  It will take about a month for him to be comfortable again.

I think I will take a walk to the Lake Chapala Society this morning and see if anyone is around, catch up on the local news. Life is so different here from the States. Two separate realities. Like stepping through the looking glass..... 


  1. Nice to read you are back. I always check in to see how you're doing.

    1. Thank you Nancy. I appreciate your concern for me. p