Monday, May 26, 2014

Morning Thoughts

My inside room

Olive likes my kitchen too.
This is where I cook on the hot plate.

I am really enjoying being back home again. I have been to the spa a couple of times and walked all over town. I am learning to enjoy the rainy season. It is the low season now and not many people are in town. The streets are quiet and so are the restaurants. I like that for a change. When the high season rolls around again, I will be happy to experience all the extra energy in town.

It is overcast this morning so I am waiting to go to the spa when it clears up. The birds love this weather. They are singing out in my garden. My patio cover doesn't keep the water out when big rains come. I have learned to just stay in my room when it is too wet out there. I still love being up here in the trees and cooking outside. I have always wanted to have an outside kitchen. It is as nice as I had imagined it would be. My bathroom ceiling leaks, but nothing is perfect. I make do. When it is too wet outside, I read or watch movies in my room and I mop up the bathroom after a rain storm.

My friend jokingly said that I was living like a hobo but I am happier with this kitchen than I would be if I had an indoor one with a sink, stove and granite counter tops. 

Life is good for me at the moment. I am happy to be back in my own life. One of the gifts of traveling is to make a person appreciate home. HOME SWEET HOME. Chico is looking at me expectantly, wanting his morning walk so I am closing this for now.  I thank my readers for hanging in while I was gone.

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