Monday, April 30, 2012

Pepper is Checking out Marie's New Yard

Pepper could have sat there for hours gazing out at the yard.


  1. P, Thanx for taking the nice pics of Pepper & me laughing! Was a very nice day; I like Marie; just goofy enuf to be enjoyable. Have mucho going on this wk but will try to let U know what's up so maybe we can hook up. Played Scrabble at LCS today, my bro is calling this eve; want to get Pepper out for a run B4 bro calls! So HOT! Carolina

  2. Thank you, Patricia, for enjoying my company yesterday. And thank you, Marie, for the yummy Kielbasa and chicken treats! Mom let me off-leash as we were leaving so I could run at top speed and feel the cool green grass on my paws. I loved it and I will come back! Love, Pimienta Dulce (PepperGirl)

  3. Hi Carolina and Pepper, Thank you for your comments. Hope to see you both again soon. P

  4. This message is for Cindy. For some reason I couldn't get your comment to post. I am sorry. Thank you for writing. I would love to see you again this summer and maybe introduce you to Pepper and her owner, Carolina. Patricia

  5. Hi Pat, No problem. I don't worry about anyone else seeing it but you. Thanks for my interesting mornings. See you in a few months ! Cindy

    1. HI Cindy, Well it worked this time. I have no idea of why it doesn't work and then it does. Thanks for writing again. Looking forward to your visit. P