Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marie and I Took a Break at La Prensa Francesa Cafe

This coffee shop is just half a block up from the Ajijic malecon. It is a comfortable place to sit and have coffee or something to eat after a long walk on the malecon. Not that we took that long walk but we did rest at the coffee shop.

This little dog was outside the coffee shop and curious about us
Lisette Barba Fava, owner
Marie, enjoying her iced coffee
The address of this cute place is Morelos No. 10-A  Information on  the web at or call her at: 331 173 4833.


  1. When in Ajijic last month, we stopped by for breakfast one morning around 9 and it still wasn't open. Walked by a little later and still closed, but no note on the door as to why. We were disappointed. Then when it was open a day or so later, we walked in and no one greeted us - no one seemed to be there so we left.

  2. Hi Donna, Thank you for your comment. We too thought it was closed. We sat outside for awhile and she finally opened the door and let us in. It is owned and operated by one person. Maybe sometimes she gets overwhelmed and just closes.. P