Sunday, April 29, 2012

Down Colon Street to LCS

The bus stop


  1. Is the Mexicano Gift Shop across the street from Mi Mexico? If this is the same place I'm thinking of, it was always closed when we walked by. There were always several young Mexican guys hanging out on that corner - kinda gave me a bad feeling....

    1. HI Donna, I think it is right there. Yes, I have also seen the young Mexican men hanging out there. The man who sells coffee often is there. I never felt threatened by them. But we all much go by our own instincts. Thanks for writing. P

    2. The Mexicano Gift Shop is where I've purchased a couple of watch batteries lately. The man who owns the shop takes pride in his work, is very friendly, & makes sure to carefully set the date & time before giving me back the watch. It all takes under 5 minutes. His shop is a little on the dusty side, & some of the jewelry needs a polishing, but he has some unique pieces in there, & he is so accommodating. I've seen the young Mexican men near the shop. Never thought a thing of it. It's just part of the culture here to use the streets for hanging out and visiting.

    3. Thank you for commenting. I have some watches that need batteries. Maybe it is time for me to visit that place. P