Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bad Things Happen to Good Little Doggies

My friend Dennis saw the photo of the dog that needs a home on my blog and he was interested in taking him. We all had been at a luncheon at the Garden Restaurant and we went over to where he was staying. Well, we all fell in love with the dog and Dennis took him home. But the dog quickly escaped from my Dennis's house which is very close to the carretera. Dennis couldn't find him. If you see this dog around, please contact me or else take him to the dog shelter. Poor little dog. I think he was trying to run back to where he Alice's house. He must have missed Alice and her cat and dog. He is an escape artist. Alice couldn't keep him because he would climb over the fence and run away. Now he has run away and cannot be found. I do hope he is still alive.  Here are photos of him at Alice's house.

Getting to know each other
Marie fell in love with him too.
The cat was very curious about the painting
Where is he now????

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