Friday, April 27, 2012

Morning at La Nueva Posada Restaurant

Entrance to their apartments


  1. Be very careful of the pictures you post............some people here do NOT want to be photographed

  2. Anonymous Dude, relax. She's not hiding in the bushes. She openly takes pictures. If you look at Patricia's pictures, you'll see that people look up and smile. If they object to it, she's right there and they can ask her to delete it. She's not a spy. This ain't Syria. She's just sharing the beauty of her home and the people. Lighten up and allow us to enjoy her lovely blog without menacing anonymous paranoid warnings.

    1. Thank you Leslie for always being on my side. That means so much to me. Patricia

  3. I love the pictures you take that include people and animals. Don't pay attention to those who are offended by public photography. If they don't want their picture taken, they will have to travel a lot further than Lakeside.

    JackB Portland