Friday, April 13, 2012

Lakeside Crime Report

Seems things have been quiet for awhile. Not so for holy week: a Home Invasion at the Raquet Club that the MP's are now classifying as attempted murder; a kidnapping (2 victims) outside El Torrito (the perps were caught and the victims released); 3 assassinations in Ajijic - and then there were the folks that decided to leave town for the US on the 31st got held up and robbed by either real of fake police on the new shortcut around Guad (see hot tips for that story).
Ajijic - April 9 - Three men from the village of Ajijic, were executed about midnight in Ajijic.....  It is assumed that several armed men aboard a white pickup truck and a gray minivan, intercepted the victims, Lorenzo Saavedra Ramos and José Juan Limón, and who were gunned down outside his home. However, a man identified as Ricardo Espinoza Perez, 25, driving in a blue Chevrolet with foreign plates, was executed a few blocks away, on the road that leads to Jocotepec Article in Spanish
April 2 - Two assassinated om San Juan Cosala: from a vehicle in motion, a group of gunmen shot and executed two men on Highway Jocotepec-Chapala, in the first Municipality. The assault occurred around 5:00 am when the victims were shot in their car in San Juan Cosala. After the attack, they failed to capture those responsible. The bodies were taken to the morgue in the region and, until press time, his identity was not revealed. Article in Spanish: www.guerracontraelnarco.blogspot.m

I cut and pasted the above information from the site, Lakeside Crime Report.   I don't like to talk about crime here. We had a bad spell a few months ago. And over the holiday there were some more killings and bad things.  Please don't ask me any details because this is all I know......  If you are interested in crime in this area, just put in on google. It will take you right there. You can read all about what is going on down here in terms of crime. Needless to say, I am glad the holiday is almost over here.  Hopefully, things will get quiet again once all the vacationers are gone.


  1. rancho de oro, past 2 days may 15-16, something happend. its on twitter but i wont join that. lakesidecrime is no longer available. forums are censored, & nothing on mexicoconnect. any news?

    1. I am sorry, I don't know anything. I am kind of isolated at the moment, house sitting. P