Friday, April 20, 2012

A Dream of Waving

The other night I woke myself up by waving my hand in the air, as if I was waving hello to someone in the room. Of course no one else was in the room except Chico and he was sleeping. I had to laugh at myself. I believe it was because when I walk around town so many people wave at me that I am often waving.

I am not that popular. It is just that people are friendly here. Even people I don't know will wave. People driving in their cars as I walk on the sidewalk will wave at me. I have two friends who say that this place isn't friendly. I have found the opposite to be true. To me, it is a very friendly community.

The other day I thought I recognized a man in a car. I waved at him and as he passed I saw that he was not anyone I knew. He was waving at me and smiling and leaning out the window towards me. Maybe he just appreciated the wave from me. He didn't know me. Yet he did in a way. We are all kindred spirits. We have chosen to leave our native countries and make new homes here. Sometimes we get lonely. I have no explanations for why the Mexicans wave except that many of them are just naturally friendly.  This is a wonderful place to live.....

One final comment, please read down to the post about heart attacks and happiness. Happiness is good for your health and the article says it is fifty percent more important than anything else, like smoking, drinking, family history, etc. Very encouraging article----IF YOU ARE HAPPY.  Sometimes people ask me if they can afford to live here. Maybe they can't afford not to live here. 


  1. you woke up to waiving, i woke up to falling! then i dreamt about a volcanic explosion-hmmm! hope that's not a premonition. don't think fuji has blown for some time.

    i've always found mexican people to be very friendly. actually, i think it's like that in most hispanic cultures.

    enjoy those friendly waves and always smile at people. you never know how a smile can brighten up someone's day.

    have a great weekend!

    teresa in nagoya

    1. Hi Teresa, Thank you for writing. I also hope your dreams aren't premonitions. The Japanese are very friendly too. When I was there, a stranger picked up my three heavy suitcases and carried them up two huge flights of stairs to the train. I have never forgotten that kindness and it was over twenty years ago. Hope you have a great weekend too. P

  2. Amazingly said about the happiness and living here! I'm currently doing my Master thesis on this topic - life in Ajijic/Chapala as a foreign and Mexican community, and have come to quite similar conclusions. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Vaira, Thank you for writing. What an interesting Master thesis...... Maybe we will meet up one day. P