Monday, March 19, 2012

Hotel Real De Chapala in Ajijic

Back entrance to the hotel
Front entrance to the hotel

I was thinking of having breakfast there but the buffet was 140 pesos. I walked on to find a less expensive place. It was fun to visit the hotel again. I hadn't been there for several months.


  1. hi pat,

    i check your blog every day but had somehow missed this and the ones above. don't know how that happened. was there some type of delay in them going up? just curious. or maybe i am getting more forgetful than i realize. i love the jacaranda trees.

    i am feeling much better, thank God. today i am having my neighbors over for coffee and pastries. still taking it easy though. i want to be totally healed before we go out of town next month. we're going to visit the town where we lived when we were stationed here 25 years ago. we'll be getting together with our japanese friends there then going on to beppu, a hotsprings resort town.

    enjoy your your time when your friends visit.

    take care,
    teresa in nagoya

    1. Hi Teresa, Thank you for writing. There may have been a delay. I can't keep up with my own writing. I am glad you are getting better. I would love to hear about the hot springs town. Are you going to get into the hot springs or just visit the town? The hot water would probably be good for you. I bet it will be fun to return to the town where you lived. I bet it has changed a lot... Probably much larger. Patricia