Saturday, March 3, 2012

God's Waiting Room

The other day a friend said to me, "We are living in God's waiting room." I was surprised to hear that phrase again. I heard it often when I lived in the mobile home park in the States. The ambulance would go in there at least once a week to take someone away. But I had hadn't heard it describe the Lakeside area.

The expat population of this area is similar to that mobile home park. Most of the expats here are retired and I am guessing the average age is in the mid seventies. There are many expats in their eighties and a few in their early fifties (early retirement.)  Slowly, younger working people are moving in here . Now with the internet, they can work from Mexico. I have also seen younger people with children living here but this is unusual.

Because of the make up of the expat population, there generally is a relaxed atmosphere. (Discounting the traffic situation. That is another story.)  Few people are working or have stress in their lives. Their living expenses are covered with their retirement money. If they are healthy, they have nothing to do except enjoy their lives. There are clubs for everything here. There are 96 restaurants in the local phone book. I am always seeing new ones opening up. There are art openings and music performances. Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? Take a class. Or take Spanish classes. Or knitting. Or cooking. The list goes on and on. God's waiting room is filled with interesting things to do.

My two favorite things to do are reading and swimming. I spend a lot of time at the LCS library and the hot springs in San Juan Cosala. I just finished reading a book about Freud's life.  Of course, whenever I read about famous people I end up feeling like a failure. What have I done in my life to make the world a better place? Thoughts like that pop up in God's waiting room. I think it is too late to try to leave a lasting mark. Even famous people are quickly forgotten. Maybe the only thing that matters is that I will be remembered by my family and a few friends--hopefully!   And, hopefully, those memories will be good ones.   So for now, I am just going to enjoy the remaining days allotted to me.


  1. Hello Patricia -

    Interesting post. I think you'd be surprised how you've "changed the world". I believe most of us do that via one person at a time.

    For a long time now I've been researching moving to Mexico, and different areas. And more often than I can tell you I say, "Patricia is the one who made me first realize that...", or "Patricia says....", or "According to Patricia...", or "I learned from Patricia...", etc.

    My friends and family know who you are, and I speak of you as if we're long-time friends! : ) You've taught me so much, and others, I'm sure.

    We never know how the ripples we create carry, and where they go. I talk about what I know of your Mexico, having learned it from you. Friends learn it from me, and they talk of it, etc. As I've said before, you are a wonderful teacher, through both your writing and your photographs. Both always "tell it like it is".

    So you go on, and on, as we all do, and, I believe, leave lasting marks.

    It's interesting to think about.


    1. Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for those beautiful and encouraging words.... I really appreciate that. Patricia

  2. I have to agree with Barbara. Reading your blog was an inspiration to finally get my butt to Ajijic to see for myself. I was in awe at everything and everybody! I bumped into you at the LCS, met Cathy C, the artist; Lorraine, the owner of Estrellitas; Diane of Diane Pearl shop; Esther who lives next to Casablanca; Carol R, artist who lives in San Antonio; Flossie, the hummingbird lady and various others who wanted to share their experience of moving to and enjoying the wonderful village of Ajijic.

  3. Hi Donna, Sounds like you really got around. I am so glad you like it here as much as I do. I love sharing my photos of Ajijic with the world. It is a wonderful place. Enchanting. Patricia

  4. I love what Barbara has said here and really enjoyed reading this piece, Patricia.
    I have some clients that are considering Lake Chapala as a possible relocation area for their family of 5 with 3 young children but the Mom is concerned that it might not be a child-centric enough area. Having never been there myself, I have set out to do some online research and came across your blog.
    I am glad for you that you have found your happy place. May we all be so lucky. Saludos, Katie O'Grady of Los O'Gradys in Mexico

    1. Thank you so much. I believe this is a very child friendly place. P