Saturday, March 3, 2012

Casa Blanca B and B, and Joe's Restaurant

The Owner, I forgot his name.
The waiter, I forgot his name too.
They have a special, hamburger, fries and a coke for 39 pesos
This place is right across the street from the Lake Chapala Society. Joe's restaurant just opened inside. The owner is looking for more help. If you know a Mexican who speaks English and is interested, please send him or her over there. Nice place. Friendly people working there. It is also a bed and breakfast.


  1. Joe's burgers were the best!! Have you been by there lately? Did he open for lunch again? After he let the chef "go", I thought he closed down the Cafe until further notice.

  2. Hi Donna, Thanks for writing again. I think I saw that they are open again. Haven't been back. Yes, those burgers are good. P

    1. Joe closed down the Cafe after one month. The B&B is still for sale tho.

    2. Hi Donna, Sorry to hear that. I noticed he painted over that interesting sign he had out about his hours. Thanks for writing. P