Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Morning in Ajijic

This morning I woke up with a feeling of rain in the air. But I thought it was just water from my garden. Later on in the morning I heard that it had rained and there was also some thunder. I looked at the weather forecast and it said for today, thunderstorms in spots. But otherwise it looks like it will be another pretty day here. The weather report is often wrong. I am taking the bus into Chapala to the American Legion to have lunch with my friend Emily. I will take some photos and post them on here. I always enjoy going to the Legion. People are very friendly there and the food is always delicious. Sometimes they have great homemade pies. I hope they have some today. I love their lime pie. 

I finally got my telephone reconnected. I only care about it for emergencies and hopefully I won't have any more of them for awhile. Most of my communications are through e mail with the i pad and the generic connector finally started working. My first phone call after it reconnected was from Emily. She had just read about my electronic problems and she was all excited. She said that she wanted to drive me to San Blas to get my connector for my i pad. Now that is a devoted friend!  It is a day's drive from here.  I told her that it wasn't necessary as my generic one works now. But I really appreciate it that she wanted to do that for me. 

It is very quiet in town now. Most of the snow birds have left. This is a good time to visit Ajijic, after the snow birds leave and before the rains come. But with today's forecast, maybe the rains will come early this year. This is usually the hottest time of the year and the rainy season doesn't start until late June.With global warming, who knows what the weather will be like this year. 

Okay, no more weather stuff.  I am looking forward to taking the bus to Chapala. I lived there for four months when I first came to this area. I like Chapala. I would consider living there except it makes the bus ride to the spa too long. On Monday I will be able to swim again. During the week before Easter and the week after Easter, I can't swim. That is the break for all the children. Impossible to do laps with them jumping in on my head. So tomorrow morning will be great. Everytime I think of moving somewhere else in Mexico I realize that I don't want to leave the spa here. So I stay.

It isn't a bad life. I just get depressed when I can't swim. And when there are so many people in town that I have a hard time getting across the carretera. I was told that three people were killed recently while trying to cross that street. One driver was swerving and sped off when he saw that he had hit a woman. My friend told me this story because her friend held the woman's hand while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. She was the first one crossing and her daughter was behind her walking and her granddaughter was walking behind her mother. So they witnessed the hit and run.   It makes me so sad.   Too many people are here during the holidays and they party and drink and drive.  I am very careful now when I cross the street.

I was talking with a friend about this when the response was, "Well, you know drivers have the right of way here."

I was surprised at that answer. I said, "Do you mean that they have the right to run over pedestrians?"

I will never get used to that law. I guess I am still in a bad mood from spending too much time at home. I am going now to the Legion. 

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