Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter will be here Tomorrow

I am having lots of communication problems. I have gotten complaints that my photos are blurry and my blog is a mess. I don't know what happened to have made the difference. Maybe it was my new camera. Maybe it is my i pad and maybe it is the person working it all. That would be me. I am so discouraged. My telephone hasn't worked for a few days. The telephone store is closed for the holidays. SO I can't get it fixed. I left my i pad charger in San Blas. Without a cat and dog sitter, I can't even go over there to get it. So I am trying to use these generic chargers which only last a few days and then quit working.

Who knows if it will even be charged up by tomorrow. That is why I am saying Happy Easter today instead. And if anyone writes to me, please understand that I am out of  ALL communication systems right now. I know I said I would try to change the Foremat so you wouldn't be deleting messages to me but the computer man hasn't been over. Everything is closed down now for the Easter holidays. Which I think will last at least through Monday. 

I know I won't be able to swim next week at all. I remember last week after Easter. It was impossible to do laps. Maybe not being able to swim on top of having no communications has put me in a bad mood. Now the loud music has already started next door. Easter isn't quite as bad as Christmas as far as noise all around me. But it is still there and I expect tonight will be the worst with all the celebrations and noise and fireworks. 

  Sometimes I wonder, WHY AM I HERE????  And I don't mean just in this place.... I mean HERE on this earth when things get so snarled up and nothing works and I am sitting here alone. Easter used to be my favorite holiday. That was when I had my family around me. And my son was a little boy. He liked coloring the Easter eggs and then finding them in the yard. I sure miss that. Now I just want it to be over. I guess I am just getting old and cranky.....  

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