Saturday, April 8, 2017

Apartment for rent near where I live

View out the front window.

Living room which is very large. The floor is in pretty bad shape but you could put down rugs.
My friend Dennis is standing by the arch way between the kitchen and the hall. The hall is big enough for a table and chairs. The kitchen is big too and there is also a dining room.  
This is one bedroom in the process of being painted. It has two bedrooms. This place is about twice the size of mine. It has a little patio from the back bedroom. I really considered moving to this place because it gets more light, is larger, and is quieter than mine. But I have too much stuff to even begin to move out of here now. And I like my garden better.

I have a friend who wanted to move back here and she paid the rent on it for maybe six months but finally had to let it go because she has too much stuff and it was very expensive to bring it all down here. I was sad that she had to give up that dream. I have the key to this place because the owner was in the States. I don't know if she is still up there or not but no one has come by to ask for the key back yet. This is a typical Mexican apartment, like mine. The rent is 200 dollars a month. You would have to buy everything except the water heater which she said she would replace. It would be kind of expensive to set it up but you could buy used furniture. It wouldn't be ideal if you were only going to stay there a few months or even one year but if you wanted a place in a Mexican neighborhood for a long time, you would quickly get your money's worth. I love this place.And the owner is very nice too.

I know that I wrote that I would never put another place for rent on my blog because then people ask me too many questions and they expect me to act as a real estate agent for them. I can't do that and I also don't want to do that. But I helped my friend Nicks to move here and he has turned out to be a very dear friend. So maybe someone else nice will want to move down here and is willing to do some work to fix a place up. It is very close to Salvador's restaurant and other restaurants and one block from the bus. Takes about fifteen minutes to walk to the plaza from there. It is a great location. I am just putting this on because I think it is a great deal. I am not getting paid or anything like that. I just have the key and like the woman who owns it. I would like to help her out. So if you are SERIOUS about looking at it, let me know. Otherwise, it is too hot for me to bother showing it to anyone who has no desire to move there. But Nicks moved to the other inexpensive place I had put on my blog a couple of years ago and he is very happy there. I will never regret helping him out to get it. Sorry I can't find the other photos I took of this place. 


  1. Hi,Pay on the 28th of this month that was 2 years ago. I came down site unseeen and never regretted. Its the best move I ever maid,thanks to your help! Nicks

    1. Hi Nicks, I am so glad you are living here and I was able to help make that happen for you. And mostly glad that you are my friend. P