Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunday lunch at the American Legion in Chapala

I had Sunday barbecue with my friend Emily at the American Legion. We may do it again this coming weekend. 



They serve hot dogs and hamburgers. Above is a photo of Emily's hot dog.

Emily is showing me her shoe. They were so uncomfortable she could hardly walk but worth the price to her.

After lunch she took me to her house to see her little dogs. They are very loving and were all over us. Emily lives in a beautiful house not far from the bus station. Her car was leaking gas so she drove me to the bus station instead of her plan to take me all the way home. I must remember not to take the bus home on a Sunday afternoon from Chapala. I was one of the first ones to get on the bus and before they left the station there wasn't any standing room left. Yet they picked up people all the way to Ajijic. I was so glad to finally get off that bus. Good thing I was wearing ratty old comfortable tennis shoes instead of ones like Emily's. I never would have made it home trying to walk in those shoes.

 The photo above is of Emily's house and back yard. Rents are so much cheaper in Chapala than in Ajijic. She pays very little rent. 
Emily at home with two of her dogs. I could handle walking in those crocks. 


  1. hi pat,

    I love the photos of emily's house ..looks like 3 pooches there to me ;-) why is lake chapala so inexpensive compared to ajijic?

    emily looks like a dancer so I can see why she like the glittery sandals!


    marilyn murdock

  2. Hi Marilyn, you are right. I missed one. People want to live in Ajijic i think because there are more activities in Ajijic for expats. P

  3. I am so jealous and emilies house looks very inviting---Walls bare of Art which I would have lots displayed.

  4. hi Larry, yes her house is very comfortable. She just hasn't put up her pictures yet. P