Friday, April 21, 2017

Morning Thoughts and Photos

Chico built a little nest for himself with a blanket that I keep on that bed. His ears are down because he knows I am going to take his picture. He doesn't like me doing that. Maybe because sometimes it flashes and bothers his eyes. But the flash is off now. 
This is my living room, extra bedroom, and office. Okay it is also Chico's bed. He likes to sleep there at night. Both Chico and Olive like to sit on that bed and look out the front window at people passing by. Sometimes if Chico doesn't like the way a person looks or smells, he will bark at that person. I am always surprised at which people he picks out to be on his bark list. 
Because of my friend Jack, I now have two places to use my I pad. One in the front room and one in the back so I can see the garden while I work. I have my morning coffee when I am on the i pad. 

I bought two ceramic masks for my little garden.

This is my basil and mint.

Olive is wondering why I am not at my desk in the front room, working on my i pad. She hasn't realized that I now have two desks. She likes to sit near me while I type.

 Part of my kitchen. I haven't cleaned it up yet this morning. Sometimes I think about buying a regular stove but I don't want to get rid of that Baker's Shelf. No room for it anywhere else in my house. So I have a microwave, a convection oven and two electric burners, also a grill and a George Foreman grill. Okay, I have a pressure cooker and a slow cooker too. And a blender which I use almost every day. I  really don't need a stove.  Half the time I eat out anyway.  
The painting in my kitchen and a little bit of a view of the hallway.
My very overcrowded hallway with a view of the front room at the end of it.

This is my other bed that my friend Leslie slept on in Paris and brought back here.
Above my bed is this embroidery sampler. Dated 1779. I love this piece. I think it is my favorite art work in my house. I like to imagine a woman making it all those years ago. I bought it at a yard sale here one year for 30 pesos. 
The animals and I like to sit on that chair and look out at the garden area. You can see that screen I put up over part of the garden to keep it from being too hot.
I wanted to put all these photos on this morning to see if they will go onto the blog. I have been having too many problems getting more than one or two photos on the same post.

 So I am back at doing the blog again. I really appreciate everyone who encouraged me to continue with it. 

Also, I went to the Lake Chapala Society and gave them all the health care information that I wrote about and I was told that it will be kept in a file for anyone who is interested in all the options. Just ask at the front desk for the file. Maybe one day I will feel comfortable enough to go back there but not yet.  And right now I don't even trust that the file exists. I am cynical after my experience with them so thoroughly rejecting my work the first time around. I need to learn to be more trusting. 

When I was growing up and if my feeling were hurt, my mother would always say to me, "You are too sensitive." And I know she was right. I am too sensitive. But that is part of who I am. I just need to accept that and move on.  If I don't feel comfortable at LCS, then I just won't go there. But self acceptance is sometimes a very hard thing to do. And it is difficult to return to a place where people were rude to me. Being sensitive has both good and bad things about it. The good---maybe being able to keep on writing and taking photos all these years.  The bad----getting my feelings hurt easily...... To all you "overly sensitive" people out there, you know what I  mean.... It is a blessing and a curse......


  1. I like seeing pictures of your place. The doors leading out to the patio are my favorite. My little dog is curled up just like your baby today, in a blanket. It is cold and rainy here in Oklahoma. Your pictures always make me happy and wish I were back in Mexico.

    1. Thank you Mary. Your comment made me smile. I appreciate you writing to me. P

  2. You are not "too" sensitive, you are just very sensitive which is good!
    I love chico's ears during the pix taking!


  3. I love all your decorations. Personally, I love brightly colored things. Not that I have them now in my living and bedroom areas,
    but I like people that have the insight into where to put them. I have done my 2 bathrooms very brightly and I think they look good.

    It is so cute how animals want to make little nests. My cats did that too. I am broken hearted that I lost both of them in the last 5 months. They were liter mates. They were 14 years old.

    Suggestion: write down all your problems, dig a hole in the garden and bury them. Consider them gone.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I am so sorry about your loss of your cats, and so close together. And I appreciate your suggestion. I will try it the next time I feel depressed. P

  4. Patricia, Those old samplers are worth a lot of money!! I've seen some on Antiques Road Show that weren't that old and can't remember how much, but they were worth lots!! You got a real bargain!! Or a good investment!!I like all your pictures.
    Connie in Wa.

    1. Hi Connie, Thank you for that comment. I guess I had better take good care of them. But if they were worth nothing to others, I would still like them. P

  5. Love all pics on your blog. I hava a stove here in the states but hardly ever use it. I use my convection toaster oven, micorwave, and rice cooker the most. Also use a steamer and a blender. I am vegan, so I need all my small appliances. The picture of your kitchen gives me hope that I can fit all my kitchen baggage if I retire to Mexico some day. Again. I love your blog! Tracey in Georgia USA

    1. Hi Tracey, You would love all the inexpensive fresh fruits and veggies here. Thanks again for commenting. P