Friday, April 21, 2017

More of my art work

Some of these things aren't what you would call art work, like the plastic fish on the wall in my hall.  I needed to write these two articles today because I woke up feeling depressed. A good cure for depression is appreciation. So I am appreciating all that I have here. I have a good life and sometimes I forget that. 
I bought several of the samplers at the same yard sale. This is a small one over my sink. It doesn't have a date on it.
This is also a smaller one dated 1856

I bought this one at a different sale, the newest one I have. Dated 1933. It says," Houses are made of brick and stone But homes are made of love alone. Anna Beall Johnson 1933.

I have five matted and framed prints that my son brought back from India. He bought a stack of them in a museum there and gave me these. My friend Steve had them matted and framed. Thank you Steve. And Tammy is also responsible for the frames. Thank you Tammy.


Thank you David for these prints.

This was a gift from Tammy. It is made out of a heavy paper with a light behind it. Thank you Tammy. It is in my kitchen.

 Above are two woven baskets I got at yard sales. That little rubber thing beside it is Chico's toy. He Loves that thing but I get tired of tripping over it as he puts it all over the house, right where I walk.

This is a photo of a tin sculpture Nicks gave me. His neighbors made it. You can tell what they like. I think it is very festive. Thank you Nicks.
Here is my Virgin Mary sculpture. I am not a Catholic but I like it anyway. Just as I don't smoke pot but I still like the sculpture above this one.

Here is my dog sculpture. It has a broken tail but I glued it back on. It is a copy of the ancient ones. I use it to prop up my i pad. This came from a yard sale here.

And last but least is my plastic sculpture of a fish. I think it is whimsical but it has no other redeeming qualities. And you saw the two ceramic faces in my garden in the other post.  So the other photos all went onto the last post with no problems. I am still testing out how the blog is working and at the same time trying to chase away my morning blues, by being thankful for all the things people have given me to make my life more interesting.

 One of my mother's other favorite phrases when I was down was, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself."  Telling someone to buck up, never works for me. (I realize now that she was just trying to make me feel better. She couldn't stand to see me feeling down.) Instead, that kind of advice just makes me feel guilty for feeling down and even more depressed.  But if I can reach into my own heart and be grateful for all I have, that helps tremendously.  Sad but true, you cannot FORCE another person to change his or her feelings. Only the other person can take care of that. I do feel better now and am going to take a walk with Chico into town. Looks like my blog is working again. 

As I just walked through my three room apartment again, I saw other things I did not put on here, ceramic painted bowls, pewter platters, wooden sculptures, etc... Where did all this stuff come from?  I guess from being here for so many years.  But I would trade it all in for time with my family. That is one of the biggest downsides of living in Mexico when your family still lives in the United States. 


  1. Loved the tour of treasures. I bet the walk with Chico made you feel better. I know I always feel better after I walk my dogs.
    Karen in VA

    1. Hi Karen, Good to hear from you. Yes, I think I need to walk with Chico again today and tomorrow. On Monday all the kids go back to school so I can swim again. That makes a big difference in my life. Hope you are enjoying your spring break. P

  2. hi pat,

    I'm curious about the lap/swimming pool ..what is the average temp and is it heavily chlorinated? even though I live in an area with many advantages (including olympic sized pools!) I don't have access to a properly heated pool unless I drive for miles
    I would be most grateful for such a thing close by our community but no luck (and no spa either!)


    marilyn murdock

    1. Hi Marilyn, I can't tell you the temp. Because I don't know it in the big pools. In the soaking pool there is a thermometer and it is about 104 degrees. The water comes in at 205 degrees so they have to cool it down before anyone can get into the pools. I am guessing that the swimming pools are in the high eighties. But I can't be sure. THey are NEVER cold...... and sometimes they seem too warm, even for me.... I hope this helps answer your question. I haven't been in the water for over two weeks but I am going back on Monday. WHen Easter vacation is here there is no reason for me to go there. P

    2. hi pat,

      very interesting I guess this water is from a hot (sulfur?) spring and it wouldn't need to be chlorinated like pools here in the states if it is sulfur that may be another reason you derive so much benefit from swimming in it

      thanks for the info ..a "yuge" haha plus for lake chapala area


    3. Yes it is sulfur water. I don't know if they put chlorine in it or or not. I have never smelled chlorine there but the sulfur is a very strong smell. So I don't have an answer for you about that. I do know that they change the water often in the pools. It is very clean and clear. P

  3. Hi! Someone put your blog on a list of Mexico blogs worth reading on Pinterest. I run a Facebook group called Blogging Mexico... with the idea of having a single stop to check for new blog posts about Mexico. I would like to invite you to post current and new blog posts.

  4. Thank you for that invitation. I am going to have to say no. I barely have time to keep up with my own Facebook page. But I appreciate you inviting me.p

  5. I enjoyed seeing snippets of your surroundings. It seems quite inviting. Yes, missing one's family is a downside to living a far distance away. I have two sons, but we speak at least three times a week and that makes us feel connected and close.

  6. Hi Nancy, thank you for commenting. You are blessed to have sons who like to communicate. Mine is more aloof. P