Saturday, April 8, 2017

Morning Thoughts

When my friend Jack was here, he fixed my modem so I can now work in the back of my apartment and my garden.. I have a nice view of my garden while I work and I don't get the exhaust from my landlord in the mornings when he warms up his car in front of my window.  It is much more peaceful. Here is a photo of it. Notice that I found some left over screen from my old house and I put it up so the sun wouldn't be so bright. I brought in the table that was out on my patio which irritated Olive to no end. She always climbed up my papaya tree to the roof where I have my washer/dryer and she liked to stand there and stare at the dogs next door. They barked at her to no end. But she thought it was fun. Then she got down by jumping onto my table. What a shocker when she saw it was gone. Instead of going back down the way she came up, by way of my papaya tree, she stood there looking down at me and crying. I finally had to get a ladder and bring her down. The next time I made her figure it out and of course she did. Cats, what a trip. So here is a photo of my second work table and my yard with the cover over it. Olive still likes to sit near me when I work on my computer. I think she is happier with the table inside because it is now getting too hot to sit outside.
As you can see, I have too much furniture. That chair is nice because it is like sitting outside without the bright sun. And that blue thing over the top of the garden is my sun screen. I love fixing up my little Mexican house. I love being back home again. Nothing like home. 

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