Thursday, September 10, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I have been up since three a.m. I am not good with stress and change. I worry and obsess. What will happen? How will I manage to do it all? Will my knee heal? What to do? My mind replays everything again and again. I love my life and my home here and now it is being taken away from me. But maybe it is for the best. Otherwise, I would have stayed here until my death, or the landlord's and that would have been very difficult to have had to face. So he did me a huge favor by kicking me out on my butt. Maybe waiting until after the beginning of the high season would have been kinder but there doesn't seem to be much of a low season here anymore.

Rents are always high and constantly going higher. There is always too much traffic on the roads. The buses are always too crowded. Rentals are filled with awful huge pieces of uncomfortable furniture which they refuse to remove. No dogs allowed. People aren't as friendly on the street. When I first came here I said hi to everyone on the street. The Mexicans always responded and still do. Not so for many of the new expats. They are bringing down their expat ways.....

So maybe it is time for me to move on to someplace simpler and less expensive. San Blas for awhile. I will be house sitting for my friend for a month. If the jejenes and the heat haven't driven me out by then, I will rent in town there maybe for the winter. I am storing my things. I will come back and deal with them after I know what I am going to do or where I will be living.

I don't expect that the good times here at the OK Corral are going to last more than a few months and I have my name as the first one the manager will call when the honeymoon ends. But maybe by then I won´t want to come back. Who knows what the future holds for me or for any of us.

All I know is that I really appreciate people writing to me and being supportive. It means so much to me. I haven't spent much time on my blog for a long time now. I am very surprised to run into people in town who are still checking it out. So at least the blog is still alive, a little bit.

After I settle down somewhere I will write more on here. Or maybe after I leave this area people won´t be so inclined to read it. I believe it is read because of where I live, not anything that important about my own often stressful life. But thank you all for your responses and suggestions. I am no longer looking for a place here. So I don´t need any more referrals for that. Thank you for them. Funny, many were from people reading, the site I write for, when I can get the time. Good to see that they are being supported.

One more comment. After all these years, my landlord is willing to let me take Chico. He has discarded us both very quickly. Love is blind.  So I will be on the beach with Chico in San Blas if any of you happen to be there this winter. Hopefully, this plan will work out. My world feels very tenuous at the moment. Can´t count on anything. Except the love and support of my friends and family and blog readers. I can´t ask for much more than that. I feel blessed and honored. 


  1. I read blogs from many areas in Mexico, so posts from you in San Blas or any other area would be just as welcome. Sorry you are having difficult times.

  2. This change may be just what you need at this time in your life. I feel certain you will land on your feet and will be energized by this move. Even when we stay in a place that is familiar and comfortable, everything around us changes. Everything in life is temporary and nothing stays the same. I, myself, have learned that in the past year. Good luck and all the best to you. The beach, salt air and tranquil water could be all you need to release all of this stress that you are carrying with you!

  3. It sounds like a good plan to get away for a while. No matter where you live I think people will be interested in your blog. I know I would be interested as your blog is not just about where you live, it is about your thoughts.
    Keep well and remember it will be alright in the end.

    Hope you are able to blog from San Blas.


  4. At least you get to have Chico with you. Remember that they say when one door closes, another one opens. Hoping for the best for you and thanks for continuing to write your blog.

  5. Thank you. Unfortunately I may have to leave him here where he will be save. I don't know what I will be doing soon. Sad. I will really miss him. P