Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Experiences with Dogs and Cats

The weather has been strange lately. Someone told me that a hurricane is passing nearby. Yesterday there was a lot of wind and it looked like it was going to rain. I managed to make it to the pool and I swam anyway. This morning it is grey and overcast.  I am so spoiled here. Just a little bit of wind or an overcast day and I complain. I am used to beautiful sunny days. That is one of the main reasons I moved here. For the sunshine.

This morning I am going to a house sit interview. I am thinking of wearing the jeans that I wore yesterday because they have smells from five different dogs on them. Sometimes that breaks the ice with new dogs. They like to sniff the scents of other dogs. It might not impress the owners, wearing day old jeans,  but it sure impresses their dogs. And it is the dogs that count. Usually if the dogs like me, the owners like me too.

Years ago I was hired for a job, taking care of an elderly man, by the dog. I thought it was because I had such good recommendations and lots of education and experience but months later the daughter of the elderly man told me it was because their dog liked me. The job was to go to their house once a day to take the man out and they didn't want their dog barking. Their dog didn't bark at me. They had interviewed twenty different people and I was the only one the dog liked. A miniature Doberman Pincher. I guess I should feel proud of this experience but at the time I felt a little insulted. I had thought all my experience and education was what got me the job.

I think that sometimes I relate better to dogs than I do to people. Dogs are so accepting. They don't care about what you did in the past or how much education or money you have. They just care about your soul. If you are gentle and loving towards them, then you are loved back. Loved back tenfold.

Cats are different. They take a lot of time to accept a new person. I have house sat for cats where it took days (eleven days once) before the cat trusted me enough to finally come over and sit by me. When that happened I always felt blessed. I had passed the cat test. And that isn't always easy. Cats have high standards.

If I get this job, I will be living in Chapala for five days. I haven't spent much time over there lately. It will be fun. Chapala is very different from Ajijic. I love both towns for different reasons. Every place and every animal has special qualities to love and appreciate. That's what makes life so interesting.


  1. I enjoyed this entry very much. I can relate to many of the things you write about -- principally anxieties. lol When you made your observation about the differences between cats and dogs, it dawned on me that ppl are cats or dogs personality wise too. For instance, I have a cat personality: it takes me time to get close. (My partner, on the other hand, is decidedly a dog personality.) I also have to say it's intriguing to me that travel provokes a lot of angst for you, yet getting new sitting gigs seems easy for you. For me, it would be the other way around lol. My anxiety would be sky high if I didn't know where I was going to be living a week from now. (Perhaps another aspect of the cat personality: we're all about the territory; dogs are all about the pack.) Anyway, Patricia, a great blog entry because it's made me think. I like your frank, unadorned writing style. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Al, Thank you for your comment. Interesting. I also get anxious before I go to a new house sit. I worry about things. I would probably describe myself as a cat personality rather than the trusting, outgoing dog. I hold back at first with people. It is easier for me to be open in writing than in person. I am glad you are enjoying my blog. P