Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Photos of the complex where Marie Lives

I have done several posts on this complex. It is in a great location, central Ajijic. It is close to everything. Marie lives there and she loves it. It is on 16th of Sept. just around the corner from the lake.  Two more apartments will be available for rent soon. They rent for 475 dollars a month. One is upstairs. One is downstairs. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms. Furnished. I think these are good bargains. If I didn't already have a place, I would move there. But of course I have a place and Chico  can't move with me. He belongs to my landlord. That keeps me here.


  1. Hi - Welcome back. Can you give more info on the location of these apartments? I would like to walk by them and see where they are.

    Pat Y.

  2. HI Pat, Where are you living now? I have been looking for you. I am going to LCS to Open Circle with Marie this morning. She lives there. I don't know the address. I couldn't even find any of your e mails on my yahoo account. PLease email me. P

  3. Hi patty,

    Glad that you are safely back to your home.

    Wish I could rent out Marie's place for few months.

    Have great times in Ajijic.
    Bet Chico was happy to see you back.


    1. HI Min, Thanks for writing. Yes, Marie's place is very special. Chico was very excited to see me.. P