Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meeting Up with Friends

This beautiful mural is on the way into Chapala. It was painted just last year. I met with the man about house sitting at the coffee shop across the street from the mural.  El Arbol coffee shop is a small place with good breakfasts. I saw my friend Pancho there. He was having breakfast and taking a Spanish lesson from a beautiful young woman. Dafnis Quintero is her name. It took some begging but I finally got her to agree to have her picture taken for my blog. Funny, here is such a lovely woman who doesn't like her photos. I totally understand where she is coming from. It is sad that we are so self critical.

 If you want private Spanish lessons or need her to translate for you, she can be reached at: 331 006 9552. That is her cell number. By the way, I guess my lucky jeans helped seal the deal today.   I will probably be spending a lot of time at this coffee shop while I am house sitting across the street.....
This coffee shop is a popular local hang out.
Pancho and Dafnis

What a beautiful smile Dafnis has. Lucky Pancho. Not a bad way to learn Spanish.


  1. Hi there, Im interested to lear spanish. could you give me the phone of that lady please.

  2. I am sorry. That was a long time ago and I do not have any contact with her. I don't know how to reach her. P