Monday, August 27, 2012

Exploring Chapala with My Friends Lizette and Debbie

My friend Tom, owner of the bazar
Roof Dog

Inside Tom's Bazaar
Inside market in Chapala
Thank you Lizette and Debbie for showing me this area through new eyes. Sorry I didn't get any nice photos of you to put on here. Keep in touch.


  1. You haven't mentioned anything about the burning blockades in Guadalajara recently. Or did I miss that? Something else for me to avoid in The Big City when I head down from the highlands next month.

    1. HI Steve, thanks for writing again. Sorry, I have been out of touch with the news here. People have been telling me about the blockades. I wish this violence would stop. But I doubt that it will. P

  2. Hi Pat,

    Where is Tom's Bazar ?

    C. Stone

    1. Tom's Bazaar is on the street that goes into Chapala from Ajijic. If you drive through that stop light and keep going straight you will see it on the right side of the street, just a little ways before the American Legion. Thanks for asking. p