Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ziggy Needs a Home

"Help me find a great home for Ziggy. This is Ziggy that I found 2 days ago. His hair was all dreadlocks & he was saturated in mud & soaking wet. He is stunningly well-adjusted for having gone through such trauma out on the streets. He is so... friendly & loving & playful. He wasn't housebroken, but in 2 days, he's rapidly improving. I took him to class with Art the Dog guy this morning, & he was a great student - eager to please! I got him responding to the name I gave him (Ziggy), & to sit & stay. Tomorrow I'm having him fixed & that will also help with housetraining him. Also, the humongous ball that's swinging from between his tiny legs will shrivel up & not look so alarming (LOL). He is adorable & I'm already so attached to him. If you know of someone looking for a great little dog, please let me know.
This was sent to me from my friend Leslie. Ziggy is such a sweet dog. Unfortunately neither of us can keep him. Do you need some extra love in your life? 


  1. thanks Patricia! Ziggy is at this very moment under sedations and getting snipped. He has been learning so fast - he is so eager to please. I would say he's doing 85% better on the housebreaking front. I took him to Art the Dog Guy's class on Sunday, and Ziggy was the star! He was so good and so quick to learn. He's learning to respond to his name and to sit and to stay. By the end of the week, this little guy is gonna be a real show dog!If anyone wants or knows of anyone who wants a wonderful companion, please let Patricia know. I also don't want just anyone to have him, someone who really loves to spend time with animals and are very conscientious about their happiness, safety and general wellbeing.

    1. Hi Leslie, I will say a prayer that the right person will come along for Ziggy. Thank you for caring so much for him. P