Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday Afternoon at the Movies

Yesterday afternoon I went to the show and saw The Amazing Story of Mr. Dobbs. Great movie. I really enjoyed it. Then I had an enormous chicken taco salad, enough for three meals. I spent less than five dollars for both. I am going to go through a real shock when I get up to Portland and have to start spending big bucks for everything. Last time I went there, I took out three hundred dollars, thinking it would last me three weeks. My daughter-in-law said, that will last a week. I was surprised and thought she was wrong but she was right. I had to return to the machine a couple of more times before returning to Mexico.

Chico is impatiently waiting for my friend to come by for a morning walk with all the dogs. She has an extra one, Twiggy. She is hoping to find a home for him soon. If you need a dog, Twiggy is available. Check it out on the other post on my blog.

I leave for the States on Thursday and already I am getting anxious. I am not a good traveler. I have traveled enough that a lot of difficult things have happened. I anticipate bad things.... I know, I shouldn't worry so much but it is in my nature.   I hate to leave here although I am looking forward to being with my family again. Many of my friends have already left for the States. Seems like July is a big month for visiting family up north. It is the rainy season here. I enjoy the night rains. It cools the mornings down and is very pleasant. The town is quiet. I like this season. July is also the nicest month of the year in Portland, OR. At least to me it is because it is summer. I don't like winters in Portland.

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