Friday, July 13, 2012


93,000 miles on it. We've kept it extremely well-maintained over the years and replaced things like the a/c. The body is lovely - emerald green and very good condition. Cruise Control, 6 CD player, sunroof. You cannot believe how much stuff you can fit in this van. Rides very well. Has South Dakota license plates, which you can renew every year through the mail for $25. Insurance cost is only $238 a year and that covers absolutely everything. We just re-insured it. Please reply to this post if you or someone you know is interested and we can arrange an appointment. We're in Ajijic.

I don't usually put things for sale on my blog but I am doing this as a favor for two very dear friends. I had even considered buying this car myself. I decided not to start driving again. My American driver's license expired a couple of years ago and at the time I thought, Good riddance.... I know if I bought a car, I wouldn't walk as much. I would get too lazy to walk. 

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