Monday, July 2, 2012

My Walk Home from the Ajijic Malecon

The streets are quiet too.
The Center for Spiritual Living
The mountains are very green now.


  1. hi pat,

    as i may have told you, i am in l.a. visiting my younger son. i have seen many of the trees like the one in the picture above. they are jacarandas, right? they are so lovely. wish we could grow those in the nw. heading to lake stevens tomorrow.

    teresa from nagoya

    1. Hi Teresa, I thought those were vines but you may be right. I will check them out more closely next time I walk by there. So are you going to be in the Portland area at all when I am up there? July 12th through the 30th? If so, maybe we can meet. Are you going back to Japan? P