Monday, July 2, 2012

Lunch at Yves' Restaurant

The Owner of Yves'
I went to Open Circle yesterday morning and afterwards my friend Dennis took me out to lunch at Yves'. The only people there were from the meeting. Hardly anyone was in town or on the malecon yesterday because of the Mexican election. No alcohol was allowed to be served in restaurants or bars over the weekend. So, it was very quiet everywhere in town. I read this morning online that the PRI party won. I wonder how that will affect the future. I hope for the better for Mexico. Thank you for lunch Dennis.


  1. There was an article in an Australian newspaper (of all places!) that said the PRI success would not bode well for the the expats. I'm not sure what to think of the article because they got some of the facts about local crime wrong. Here it is:


    1. hi Jack, Interesting article. Things change. Maybe they will be good. Who knows. If the body parts didn't scare people off, I doubt if a change in the govt. will do it. We will see. Thank you for commenting. P