Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Market in Ajijic with Emily

Emily and I walked to my casita this morning to visit with Chico. Because I have been house sitting for the past few months, I don't get to see much of him. It is just too hot to walk over there. Chico couldn't keep still, he was so happy to see us. I felt the same way about seeing him although it was too hot and I didn't jump around. My heart was jumping with joy. I sure miss that little guy.

What a happy baby. No wonder. There is so much love and pride on the father's face. Lucky baby.
The handsome man in the above photo sells quiche. He is french. Emily said a few words to him in French. He could speak French to me anytime, anywhere.

I don't know what this little boy just ate but it looks like he enjoyed it. Must have been something sweet and messy. Maybe one of those cactus fruits?

Above are more of the cactus fruits for sale. This time I bought one. They cost about fifty cents each. Messy and delicious. It was hard to take good photos today because the sun was so bright. Not many people were at the market. Maybe it was too hot for them. I try to make it there every week. I love to shop at the outdoor market.

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