Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Broken Camera

My camera died today. The lens will no longer open up. It is only about eight months old and I didn't send in the guarantee. Too hard to do that from Mexico. I go home tomorrow evening. Maybe my old camera will work until I can get to the States and buy another one. I loved this camera. I used it everyday. I felt sad, like the loss of a friend, when it stopped working. When I walk around town now and see a perfect photo, I feel a sense of loss because I can't take out my camera and snap it.  I was looking on E Bay for other camera like this one and I found someone else with the same camera and same problem and the camera was also only eight months old. Maybe it is a built in flaw. Whatever, it is cheaper to buy another camera than to fix it. I called to a camera repair shop in the States and they guessed it would cost at least a hundred dollars to fix it, if it could be fixed. No one here knows how to fix it. We live in a throw away society.  What a waste......


  1. Patricia, Just found your blog. I am enjoying it very much. Please keep it going when you return.


  2. Yes we do live in a throw away society but things have gotten much cheaper too. I remember spending thousands of dollars on film and developing! Now I can take all I want and virtually throw away the bad ones! There is always good and bad in everything.

    I am sorry for your camera not working, maybe if you give it a good wack on the palm of your hand a couple of times it might trip something. Wacking things always seems to work for me.

    My last trip to Puerto Vallarta, my camera and cell phone were stolen. I was so lost! I could not be here that long without a camera. So we went and paid waaaaay to much for one at Walmart. I found a replacement to mine on Ebay so it worked out. I hope you get a replacement soon because I really enjoy your pictures!

  3. Hi Brenda, I just ordered a new camera on E bay to the tune of a hundred and eighty dollars. Then I read your message. I figured I had nothing to lose at this point and so I did your technique. And to my surprise and delight, It fixed the camera..... So now I will have TWO cameras. The one I ordered is a new version of the one I have now...You are a genius. Too bad I didn't read your message sooner. Thank you. Patricia

  4. Hi Charlie and Peggy, Thank you. I will keep doing it, even in the States. I am happy you are enjoying my blog. Patricia