Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Deleting the Past

I am slowly going through my past posts, starting at the beginning which was at Christmas time in 2008. I have to be careful not to just chuck all of them. I get carried away once I start a project like this. It is kind of fun to see all the changes that have happened in my life since I came here and started taking photos and writing about my experiences. Many of them are repeats. They can easily be deleted. I also see photos of friends whom I never see now. And places where I hung out that I never go to now. Things change.

I am still just as happy here as I was when I first came. I have many more friends, mostly because of this blog. I have more house sitting jobs. Life is good. Doing this reminds me of when I was getting rid of all my stuff in the States, before moving here. I had many boxes of photos and old writings that I had to go through and most of them were thrown in the garbage can. Doing it brought back to me so many wonderful memories. Same with going through the blog. But the past is gone. Time to move on to new experiences. Renewal. That is what life is all about.


  1. Hi, I am so ready to move permanently to"husband" owns property in Apaseo El Grande(outside of Celaya) but surely if I move there I will be just a "maid" for him and his family...not what I envisioned in my later life!! I draw around $1000 ssdi and am 60 years you think it is fiscally possible to retire in Mexico on my own?

  2. Hi Carole, It all depends on your lifestyle. I live on a little less than that but I am very careful with my money. Your biggest expense will be housing. I would prefer to live alone and happy in poverty than unhappy with a wealthy person who doesn't appreciate me. But that is my priority. We all have different priorities. Hope that helps you. Patricia