Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Walk With Dale Along the Carretera

Above is a photo of Tony, the waiter at the Hacienda Ajijic Steak house. He saw us walking along the road and stopped to say hi. He said his friends saw his photo on my blog. He is also a tennis instructor. Nice man. Handsome man.

The two above photos are of a motel along the carretera just to the west side of Ajijic. The rooms are very inexpensive and they are full all winter long. There is another one next door. It is also inexpensive but full in the winter.

Above is another motel type place along the carretera but it is expensive.

The above two photos are for a very large place along the carretera. Dale was interested in this one. I tried to call the phone number but couldn't reach anyone. I have a terrible time with these Mexican phone numbers. Half the time I can't get through. There are different numbers you have to dial depending on if you are calling from a cell phone or to a cell phone, etc. Very confusing. But I am sure this place isn't cheap.

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