Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Lake Chapala Society in the Rainy Season






 I spent yesterday morning with my friend Loretta in the coffee shop at the Lake Chapala Society. Not much happening there. Low season. We were bored, as you can see from the photos of Loretta and Chico. All we had to think about was the awful condition of the American Flag and what we should do about it, if anything. (I don't know what Chico was thinking about. Maybe another cookie. He likes them. Me too. Unfortunately.) But the grounds are lush and beautiful from the rain, even though not much has fallen yet. I took another photo of the Koi pond. My son says that it is the most photographed Koi pond in the world. He teased me so much about taking so many photos of it earlier on in my blog that I quit taking any more. But it was a morning with nothing to do but worry about the American flag, take photos of the Koi pond and eat fresh baked cookies from the restaurant. I had better get back to the spa and swimming. 


  1. Looks like LCS needs a donation of a new flag. Flags should not be out in the weather 24/7 - this is the result. Some U.S. gringo may have one they could donate....if only someone was paying attention.

  2. Hi Pat, Thanks for commenting. The American Legion in Chapala is already on it. Going to give LSC a new flag and take the old one. P

  3. Great! American Legion is a group that knows about respect for the flag.