Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Saying goodbye to Marie

Yesterday Marie went to Palm Springs for a hip replacement. She will be gone at least two months. Chico and I dropped by her house to say goodbye to her. She was in a terrible state of mind. The first thing she said to me was, I'm not going.

Of course she did go. I don't blame her for not wanting to go up there but she is lucky that she has excellent medical insurance. She will be recovering at a beautiful physical center with a pool. Here are some photos I took of us and her place. 

Macadamia nut tree.


This is such a beautiful complex that people fight over vacancies.

Chico is watching Marie cook breakfast. He is afraid to get off the couch because Marie's dog, Mimi, will bark at him. Mimi is very protective of Marie and her house. She was a street dog and she knows a good thing. 

Chico preferred to walk around on top of the couch where he was safe than on the floor.

You can see that Mimi is guarding things. 

Chico finally decided to relax on a pile of pillows. 

Marie, if you are looking at this, we all miss you!  


  1. Wishing Marie a successful surgery and speedy recovery!
    Karen in VA

    1. Thank you Karen. I will pass along your good wishes. P

  2. Poor Marie. I know she loves her place and I don't blame her! If I was going to live in Ajijic full time I'd want a place just like hers (not the first place she lived in this complex tho). Best of luck to her. Hoe to see both you and Marie next season.

    1. Hi, Donna. Thanks for writing. Looking forward to seeing you. P

  3. Hope your friend Marie has a speedy recovery. The place looks beautiful.