Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day photos

I went into town to look for some Father's Day celebrations. No luck. Just a normal Sunday afternoon in the plaza. But I took a few photos.


On Mother's Day the plaza has many flower stands. I found only one stand yesterday for Father's Day. Check out the words on the balloon.

This man was in the plaza with his daughter and he agreed to pose for me.

I sat on a park bench for awhile next to this man. We had a conversation about Father's Day. He has one son. He was very friendly. I always appreciate it when people are willing to talk with me about their lives, even though we speak different languages. The feelings are easy to understand. 

I put on two photos of this man because I loved the expression on his face in the above photo. I think he was talking about his grown son. 

I am putting this photo on so you can see how green the hills are behind the church. It is nice to see everything so green now.

As I was walking home I took this photo of the horse and the one below of a man and his son. He was just going into a grocery store but he agreed to stop and let me photograph him. The man standing behind him was curious. He was probably wondering why I would want to take a photo the young man and his son. 
I love walking around Ajijic. People are so friendly. If I get lonely at home all I have to do is walk into town and I feel much better by the time I get back home again. 


  1. Hi, Since you have said you don't speak a lot of Spanish, what do you say to the people you want to take pictures of? I agree a walk around the plaza and a few happy faces is a real mood lifter. Take care. See you in a few months.

    1. Hi Pat, I can string enough Spanish words together to ask for things. Looking forward to seeing you here again. P

  2. Great photos, Pat. I love the way Mexicans take the time to enjoy life. We always seem to be in such a hurry here!
    Karen in VA

  3. Hi Karen, Good to hear from you again. P