Sunday, June 5, 2016

At home on a Sunday Morning



It is a cool Sunday morning. Feels nice after so much heat. I have no plans for the day. Chico, Olive and I are just sitting around the apartment. Chico is afraid of Olive. She must have scratched him sometime when I wasn't around because everytime he is on my lap and she jumps on it too, he leaves. You can see from the way he is looking at us that he isn't happy with the situation. I can't force him to stay on the chair with us. I don't know what I would do without their loving company. Guess I would just go crazy. I miss my family in Portland but then I get too involved in what they are doing and I push them away. I can never push away my pets because they always love me, no matter how intrusive I am with them or how crazy I am acting. Animals are such a gift to us frail humans. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. There is nothing in the world that is more precious.  


  1. Pat I totally agree with you. I love my two furry friends who are always there by my side. Pets have a calming effect :)

  2. Hi Peggy, Good to hear from you. Your friend, p

  3. You have lovely blue eyes, Pat! I can tell Chico is none too pleased.
    Hope you enjoyed the day,
    Karen in VA

  4. Hi Karen, good to hear from you. Thank you for keeping in touch and for the compliment. P

  5. Patricia, You have the bluest eyes! They are like Paul Newman's baby blues. They are beautiful! Connie in Wa.

  6. You look beautiful in that picture! Virginia and I have tried selfies with some success, but often our aim is way off.

    Jack from Portland

    1. Thank you Jack. the trick is to take a lot of them. Good to hear from you. I finally put up the hooks. My knee is now well enough to get on the stool. Your friend, p