Sunday, June 26, 2016

My friend Ivanka in her new house with the Dogs

Today, my friend Ivanka moved her things into her new home on Constitution. It has a huge back yard. The dogs love it. We had breakfast at the little restaurant across the street from her house. It was good food. Ivanka didn't like her pictures so I removed them. She was very tired from the move. But you can see part of her house and the interesting way the owner painted the chairs and put cups on the walls. Her two dogs love the house.
Above is Carmen. I don't know if she is the owner or not but I am guessing yes because she was so helpful and friendly.  


  1. That restaurant is near where we rented last time....also near our new house. It was always busy, but we never ate there. What did you eat, what is next to the eggs? The place looks very pleasnt inside.

  2. HI Pat, Ivanka had a salad and I had the omelet. That is dipping sauce next to the eggs and sweet potato fries for dipping. It was good food. Very interesting stuff. Lots of pasta in the afternoons. P