Monday, June 27, 2016

Morning Thoughts

Sometimes I hear people saying that it only rains at night here. That just isn't true. It rained last night and it is still raining at noon today. I am stuck in my house and I was looking forward to a morning swim. Maybe it will be nicer later on today. The rain is making the plants grow. The hills are green and my garden is growing quickly. I planted more star jasmine and gardenias over the weekend. 

I think the rain has stopped now. Here are some photos of my garden. I had to take these from inside my house because it is still dripping outside. I also took a photo of Chico sitting on one of my beds. 
That mess on my dresser is my attempts at waterproofing my I pod. For now, it worked on one and not the others but I keep on trying. 
Olive doesn't want to go out in the rain so she complains to me whenever I pass by her. She is sitting there so she can see when it stops raining and she can go outside. 
Chico is bored too. He wants to go out for a walk. 


  1. Love the pics of Chico and Olive and your beautiful garden and house!
    Karen in VA

  2. Thank you Karen, Your friend, p

  3. The rain is good for your garden, it is looking so beautiful and lush!


  4. Hi Cathy, thank you for your comment. P